Cheese Ingredients

vika-logosVika produces Cheese ingredients for savoury applications like biscuits, crisps, sauces, pizza & pasta, convenience food. We are renowned for using sustainable technologies and ingredients in the production of our grated cheeses, cheese replacers, processed cheeses and cheese powders. 

Why choose Vika Cheese Ingredients?

  • The base for a wide variety of applications.
  • Tailor made.
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal certified and Organic varieties.
  • Natural ingredients and sustainable processes.
  • Everything from cost-effective cheese substitutes to premium cheese powders.
Choose from:

Cheese Powder

a variety of formats and flavours

We produce cheese powder for use in snacks, soups, seasonings and sauces. From goats cheese to cheddar, there are numerous flavours to choose from. We can even create compositions of multiple cheeses or produce blends of cheese powders with other (dairy) ingredients. For specific applications, we make vegetarian, Halal certified and organic versions.

Our cheese powders are made from natural ingredients, have a long shelf life and are of consistent quality. We own locations in two countries for cheese powder production.

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Processed Cheese

Custom made

Processed cheese is a great alternative if natural cheese is the lacking specific characteristics that you’re looking for. Here at Vika we have many years of experience and can provide you with melting products that have specific features. For example, the suitable meltability and texture, or the desired colour and flavour. We can also add ingredients like herbs to suit your demands.
Our range consists of processed cheeses and cheese replacers for various applications and are split into three main categories:

Cheasy Block®: our premium processed cheese, based on 100% pasteurized dairy ingredients without emulsifying salts.
Processed Cheese: cheese complemented with other dairy ingredients and emulsifying salts.
Cheese Replacer: economical alternative to (processed) cheese, made from a combination of cheese and non-dairy ingredients.

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Cheese Replacers

Cost effective alternative

A cheese replacer is a cost effective alternative for a (processed) cheese. Possible for Vegetarian, Vegan and lactose intolerance people. We offer a wide range of different characteristics such as taste and colour from no melt to high melt. We produce with RSPO certified, segregated palm oil as well as sunflower, rapeseed or coconut oil.

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Grated Cheese

Extensive choice

From goat cheese and cheddar and gouda or mozzarella: we grate all kinds of hard and semi-hard cheeses. Thanks to our own melting department, we supply economical and customised mixes of grated cheese and cheese replacers. In addition to fresh grated cheese and mixes, we offer air-dried grated cheese. The visual aspect remains yet it provides a crunchy bite and has a longer shelf life.  

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Cheese Ingredients

Cheese powder, processed cheese, grated Cheese and Cheese replacers.

Cheese is one of the favourite flavours in savoury applications like snacks, sauces and cheese biscuits.



Fonds are the ideal base for soups, sauces and ready meals.

Our assortment of fonds is based on meat of beef, veal, chicken, lamb, fish, lobster as well as vegetables and mushroom.